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Есть вот такой рецептик:
<Easter Torte: No crust necessary; just cream together 1-1/2 lbs. Ricotta Cheese, 1-lb. cream cheese and 1-1/2 cups sugar. In a mixer, blend in 6 eggs, adding one at time, and mixing well between each addition. Then add 2-Tablespoons vanilla, again mixing well. Add 6-Tablespoons flour, again one at time, mixing well. Then add 1-pint sour cream, once again mixing well. The mixture will be loose; not to worry. Pour mixture into a 10" spring form cake pan. Bake at 325-degrees for one hour. Let cake cool to room temperature, then refrigerate. Remove from spring form cake pan onto a pretty dish for serving. This Easter Cheese Torte blends well with all other Easter colors and foods. You can add a soft pastel food coloring to mix, if desired. Two drops of red food coloring makes a pretty pastel pink.>
Теперь вопрос: мне так кажется, что 325 градусов это по Фаренгейту (поскольку все меры в фунтах), а вот сколько это в градусах по Цельсию?

Янчик (31.03.2003 Пн 12:11)

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